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Our history

Do your practice and it will all come to you. That is the idea behind Great Vibes Events.


You don`t need to be good at something to begin it. Taking care of your physical & mental body will enhance your health and give you what you need to enjoy the process. We all have to start somewhere, and it is not where we begin that matters, it is where we are going.

Our vision

Our vision is to create Great Vibes.

Our values

Our values are to be honest, brave, unprejudiced and flexible.

Our concept

We believe that the key factor to get a good life is to keep the physical and mental body healthy & happy. 

With yoga as the core, we have created a concept that will inspire and empower you to work with your body enhancing your overall health & happiness. 

We can`t guarantee personal success, that is up to you. What we can guarantee is hard work and  Great Vibes that you won`t forget for the rest of your life.

Best regards, Stiina and Rune in Great Vibes.

Stiina, responsible for Great Vibes Yoga

I started to work as a yoga teacher in 2014. Since then I have been traveling and working in Norway and other places around the world. I work as a yoga teacher and PT, as well as hosting my own workshops where I include my education and experience from yoga, NLP and Ayurvedic therapy. 


I am passionate about how yoga can empower us to live better lives for ourselves. Yoga is a practice that will benefit both our body & mind, regardless of where we are when we begin. 


I started to practice yoga when I was challenged with some health issues. After a period of practice and a dose of patience my body started to heal itself. When nothing else worked, yoga did (you can read the whole story on my blog).


My style of teaching is playful and informative. I aim to include everyone and I value the importance of personal preferences in our practice, so you will  always be given options to choose from in my classes. Feeling good and sharing a sense of joy is the energy that I aim to give and share with you - both on and off the mat. 


I teach Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga. 

Yoga education 

  • 200 hour Yoga teacher training - Yandara Yoga Institute, Mexico

  • 120 hour Ayurvedic yoga therapist training w/Dr. Marc Halpern - Bahamas 

  • 100 hour Yogic Arts teacher training w/Duncan Wong - HiYoga, Oslo

  • 300 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training - Kranti Yoga, India

I am located in Oslo, Norway.


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Rune, responsible for organizing Great Vibes Events

I have been doing sports all my life, pecially ballroom dancing. After some years I chose to go all in for ballroom dancing. My partner and I became Norwegian and Nordic Champions and finalist in the European and World Championships.

I was introduced to yoga when I did a personal trainer course at SATS/ELIXIA. I was addicted from the start because of the total effect, both physically and mentally. After joining HiYoga I was introduced to different kinds of yoga and since then my practice has evolved in a positive way.

I believe that the body and your mind needs to evolve to be happy. And yoga does this very well, as I see it. Please join in and make up your own mind.

I work as a consultant within marketing and business and I am located in Oslo, Norway.

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