Great Vibes


Our history

Our focus is to make the best out of life and to do what we love to do. If we do that we will get a life full of positive vibes. 


For us it is all about spending our time doing things we love and with people we love. To do that we found out that we needed to start our own event company - Great Vibes.

Our vision

Our vision is to create Great Vibes.

Our values

Our values are to be honest, brave, unprejudiced and flexible.

Our concept

We believe that the key factor to have a great event is to secure that everythting goes as planned. We plan, test and implement everything personally. In that way we can gurantee you the best experience and vibes, ever. 


We are a full service company, which means that you only have one contactperson for your event. This contactperson will be with you all the time and make sure that everything goes as planned. 

Best regards, Trym and Rune in Great Vibes.

Trym Fagerhaug, CEO

I have been working with events all my life and now I am taking all my experience and do things our way. 

Please contact me and we will make sure that you will get the best event and vibes, ever.

Tel: 408 85 773


Great Vibes

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